Heya! for those of you who have wanted the tracks from various Luigimail Episodes, AJ is starting to upload them onto newgrounds. As of now, the Mr. L music used in Episode 3 is currently live so if you wanna give that a listen then here's the link! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/577569

Thanks to everyone who's been checking out Luigimail!

2014-05-19 23:19:38 by Vorhinvick

I actually took a bit of a risk bringing this out after hyping They Live in a Castle for so long. It's still in work but I wanted to create a series of animations that I could release every other week and thus, Luigimail came up! If anyone wants to send in questions, feel free to throw them here! They're more likely to be answered if they aren't annomynous but hey don't let that stop you!


Luigimail Episode 3 is coming next week so keep an eye out!

Hey guys! Vorhinvick here, or more commonly known as Megaman765 on youtube (Someone took that username on here a long time ago). While browsing around Newgrounds I kinda decided to jump back onto my old account and see about uploading some They Live in a Castle shorts on the site from my Youtube Channel. Though if your reading this and you have no idea what They Live in a Castle is then I guess I'll have to explain! At the moment, They Live in a Castle is a series of short sketches based around various tropes of the Mario Bros series. Whoever while making these short videos, we are also working on a main series that will have a more centralized plot. They Live in a Castle is the story that answers one question. What if everything was perfect in the Mushroom Kingdom? Pretty terrible for Mario and Luigi. When the security force of Peach's castle finally grows a pair, Mario and Luigi are no longer the heroes. Now its up to them to fix everything... or... ruin everything! I'll be uploading a couple stuff onto this channel sometime after they're released on youtube so if you wanna take a look at my stuff as soon as its live, check out my channel!